Climbing Vermillion peak in Colorado

Located approximately 10 miles south of Teluryda in the range of San Juan, Colorado, the top Vermilon at an altitude of 13894 feet – the highest peak in the county of San Juan. One of the best views on him and his strong neighboring vertices looks east of Colorado, Way 145, the pass Lizard Head near Forel Lake. Vermilon beautiful Peak and named his rosy red rocks.

The route I took was the approach to the Ice Lake Basin, with & # 39; is the main eastern approach. It begins on the south path Mineral Creek. US Route 550 of approximately 2 miles west of Silvertana go south Mineral Creek Road (FR 585) to the west, about 4 miles to South Mineral Creek camp. Parking trail – opposite the campsite. There are many places for traffic, and I used to camp in the area as soon as you turn off the 550. The United States – is a large flat area, you can not miss, and usually have other campers. There are basic toilets for public use.

The trail leaves the southern parking area camping South Mineral Creek on the west side. The distance in a round trip of 10.2 miles and climbs 4074 feet, starting at 9820 feet mark. First mile Clear Creek crosses and becomes prints up to 10,400 feet before climb the pool bottom ice lake.

I arrived on the track just before sunrise so I could reach the top and be well on your way down when a storm swept around noon.

I've been training in preparation for this trip, but I live at a much lower altitude, and hike to these heights is difficult for me. On the way to the repeater I was trying to go to such a slow pace to breathe heavily, but not suffocating. I always noticed the red flags that were stuck into the ground next to the trail. I finally went down and read one of the tags, and to my surprise, they were markers for a run Hardrock 100 the Endurance, which took place this week. This is really for me is the prospect. Those people were running along this path!

The trail leveled a little less than a mile away, if you carefully padymaetsesya Basin Lower Ice Lake. It is a popular destination for leisure travelers and beautiful in July with lush greenery and flowers. I saw a couple of tents near the stream.

On the west side of the lower basin of the ice of the lake, the trail climbs up the more backward access to the pool of icy lake. The eastern edge of the ice of the lake is about 12,280 feet. Although in the last set off, the only other tourists that I saw on the trail that day, flew past me, as I stood on the spot. On the surface of the pack he was carrying, he seemed to be a mountain climber.

From Ice lake there are several alternative routes. I had planned to take the South-East Ridge Classic is a standard and easy route. When I got to the edge of the snow on the slope between Vermilonam and Fuller Peak, I noticed fresh tracks on snowy slope down to the part of the seat closest to the peak of Fuller. I thought they might be from the climber, the last before me. Although it was not there.

Needless seat had a huge snow lip at the top. From where I stood, it looked steep snow slope and intrusive. I took a few tentative steps on it, and move it was easier than it looked, so I decided to continue. The only difficulty I had was near the snow. I continued to make its way to the hips. I would like to step into, break, go out, stand there, huffing and puffing, and to take another step.

Only when I reached the top of the snow under the saddle, and, thinking that my problems were over, I found myself in the loose rock or scree. I would have struggled to get a grip and slide over and over again. Palogshy reach the saddle, I went to Fuller Peak, and sat down to enjoy the incredible views and a snack. Was climber on top of top Vermilon standing with hands in the air!

I headed to the northwest along the path to the left of the ridge, and avoid turrets. I went to the Vermilona and figured out how to climb the rest of the way to the top. It has been described as an aerial perch. I would say that this is a good description. But to me it was not difficult. I signed a beekeeper and enjoyed a kind of a few minutes. But storm clouds in the distance are formed. When I was getting ready to leave, I saw a mountain climber, who was standing at the top of the Golden Horn!

Between snow lip on the seat and one of the towers was a gap big enough. I noticed footprints in the snow beneath him and realized that this is the route the climber, and I went down. In fact, down the snow it was pretty easy. I followed his appointment at about Ice Lakes, not to work on the place from which it was difficult to get out. I am also very cautious about that, not to get on the frozen hanging over one of the lakes. I decided to work out a way to the South-East ridge and generally avoid lakes.

I got almost to the tree line on the edge of the Lower Ice Lake Basin, when the storm hit. And what a storm! Incredible thunder and lightning. Before the rain started, I put on my jacket Gore-Tex, but decided that I wanted to try to hike without rain pants. It was a good idea. When I started to rain, it has hiking pants razmachylisya for a few seconds, and I caught a cold. I was also concerned that the Clear Creek can be flooded, blocking my route back to the parking lot. He was not flooded, and I got to the lot and in a van to warm up.

It was a great hike and achievement. I highly recommend if you are preparing for a little busy, but a reasonable hike. Keep in mind that what we'll call a tight, can mean very different things for each of us, and remember to treat Vermillion Peak with respect.

How to find the best deals on car insurance in Colorado

Life insurance – is one of the most important things that you can purchase for yourself in life. Why? For the simple fact that it provides protection for you and your family & # 39; and. It protects your something & # 39; nd of the losses that they can afford in the event of your untimely death.

Since life insurance & # 39 is a protection for all, it is very expensive. That is why it is important for you to take a closer look at this before you decide to purchase life insurance. The first step in finding the best available price – is to know exactly what you personally need.

Know what you need. The classic and the best reason to purchase life insurance – is the financial protection of the family & # 39; in the case of the untimely death of a person.
Tips for finding the best life insurance rates in Colorado

Search the internet for insurance rates. The search for life quotes – the best way to find great deals. You can do this a few reliable websites on the Internet.

Seek advice from friends and family & # 39; and. You can talk to family members about what kind of life insurance they have
Call for a meeting with the companies, which, in your opinion, best meet your needs. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Consider the results.
By choosing to purchase a life insurance policy, it is important to inform the broker or company about your economic advantage, and thus offers a wide range of options available.

Insurance at low cost

Life insurance at a low cost and with a & # 39 is an option for those who want to be economical with the purchase of an insurance policy. Life insurance at a low cost with a & # 39 is reasonable at low fees. Seven & # 39; and low-income countries that still want the benefits of life insurance, insurance for loss of value of life can be very useful for them.

Follow the tips, you can really find an affordable life insurance in Colorado. This is definitely achievable and demands a lot of hard work.

Hiking in Colorado

Colorado covers most of the Southern Rocky Mountains, the north-eastern part of the Colorado Plateau and the edge of the Great Plains. This state, which is located in the western US, is famous for its diverse landscapes, which consist of mountains, plateaus, deserts, rivers, plains, Mesa, and more. No wonder tourism – a favorite activity of tourists visiting this area. Below are some of the best natural routes to be studied during a visit to Colorado.

Colorado trail
Trail Colorado located on Kenosha passage. This 500-km stretch that runs through Denver to Durango. If you're new campaign, start with the easy part of the trail next to Brekenryzh. If possible, walk the path where you walk past the 10,000-futovaga transition Kenosha. This natural way to show your national forests, deserts, grasslands and snow-capped mountains.

Trail B & # 39; yutsa
This is a relatively easy hike, which takes up to 1.5 miles. It is located in the North-Butts and renowned strange species of wildlife, interesting bird varieties and vibrant colors of wildflowers. Just watch out for the coyotes, who are hiding in the woods along the trails.

emerald Lake
Now that you are looking for a mountain lake, you definitely need to go to the National Park of Rocky burned areas, where you will find the Emerald Lake. Trekking here is mild to moderate, when you go from lake to lake nimfskaga Mara. A breathtaking view that you will see in these pathways, destroy your exhaustion.

Top 3 places for hiking in Colorado

Hiking tours make up a large percentage of the holidays and vacations, and several good reasons. Trek – a job that provides exercise and allows the mind to move away from the hassles and stress of everyday life and focus on what is in front of them: nature. Whether it's a summer trek through Colorado glacial valley to assess the waterfalls, or hike through the winter Kanonskim loop, following a sense of wonder and bewilderment.

Called "best" site hiking in Colorado will be strictly from the observer; track pitch & # 39; iruyutstsa from beginners to the more advanced, dangerous areas. Nevertheless, here is my choice three most beautiful, the most enjoyable tracks for "getting away from it all."

glacier gorge

Length: 9.6 miles
trails Type: Rear and back
Upper height: 10600 ft
The city, which is Estes Park
Season: Midsummer until mid-autumn.

Located in the National Park Rocky Mountain, you'll see the wildflowers and alpine lakes. Glacial Gorge – a U-shaped canyon that was carved out by glaciers. A few meters from the path the case is Wind Lake Bear, and in thirty minutes you will reach the first interesting point: a great waterfall called Vodaspad Alberta.

Longs peak

Length: 14 miles
trails Type: Rear and back
Upper height: 12800 ft
The city, which is Allens Park

Also located in the National Park Rocky Mountain Gore, Long's Peak in fact the highest in the rocky cliffs. Long Peak boasts the most elevated route from any route in the state: Trip lock. Usually it's pretty intense trail that may not work for you if your goal – to avoid other people, but it can be ideal if you are traveling alone, as you will be around others who can help. Hint: it's a long time, because save your strength!

Kanonskaya loop D & # 39; the devil

Length: 3.2 miles
trails Type: Loop
Upper height: 7,420 feet
Nearest town: Boulder

Devil & Canyon Loop Trail – this is a spectacular sight. Painted walls of the canyon, red valleys and massive stone columns make this trail a must. Loop full of waterfalls and cliffs of sandstone and colored sage and juniper (which makes it fragrant and trekking)!

Whichever way you choose, your camping trip in Colorado is sure to become a memorable one. Make sure you are prepared with a plan, a map and the necessary materials for the duration of the path. Another tip: bring your camera so you can share your adventures with your family & # 39; and her friends when you return home!

What to do in Boulder Colorado

Boulder is located in peradgor & # 39; pits where ravnistyya plains meet the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Located in the heart of the city in an hour of Denver, Denver International Airport, the ski resort of Eldor and National Park Rocky burnt. A few hours from many world-famous ski resorts of Colorado Boulder makes an ideal place in Colorado.

Recently became rated "number 1 sports city in America" ​​magazine Outside Magazine, which offers countless recreational activities. Take advantage of 200 miles of public hiking and biking trails, about 30 000 hectares of open space or boulder Creek Way, which passes through the city center.


Best Western Inn Boulder – Excellent Located directly to the University, Boulder Inn gives guests easy access to major attractions Bovdera, NIST, NOAA, premier & # 39; er shops and unusual tables. Stylish, well furnished rooms reflect the harmonious atmosphere that can be found throughout the hotel.

During the visit, enjoy a free continental breakfast, free high-speed internet access in-room, 24-hour business center and full privileges to the health club. Other guest facilities include a large outdoor swimming pool, sauna, hot tub, on-site restaurant and a conference center.

Best Western Golden Buff – The lodge Best Western Golden Buff is one of the best places in Boulder, with more than 30 restaurants, shops, the University of Colorado and cinemas within easy walking distance.

Boulder Broker Inn – enjoy their full service hotel in the Victorian style, including meetings and banquets, Bentley & # 39; s Lounge and Broker Restaurant. Broker offers all the necessary amenities, including wireless internet, free shuttle service to the city center and a full hot and cold buffet breakfast. We are in walking distance from the vehicle, as well as several restaurants. Broker Inn with & # 39 is the center of the boulder airport Super Shuttle Service.


Boulder, Colorado, offers a wealth of interesting and entertainment attractions throughout the year, and many of them are free or nearly free. The boulders have something for everyone, and pravevshy here for some time, it is easy to understand why the Boulder distinguishes itself from most cities of its size.

Banjo Billy Bus Tours – Banjo Billy Bus tours depart at 1315 13th Street in front of hotel Boulderado. Daily tours from Memorial Day to Labor Day. This 80-minute tour of gay PG-13 to downtown Boulder, "Hill" and Shatavku filled with ghosts, history and the history of crime. Ride in the saddle, sit in a lazy boy, this is no ordinary bus.

Vineyards BookCliff – "A wine that you will like it" – this is a tasting room and wine bar BookCliff Vineyards, Colorado winery located in Bouldery. They offer wine tasting and wine into glasses to enjoy chocolate, cheese and special meat products, when we share the space with a Belgian chocolate shop Belvedere. Come and enjoy the awards and selected wines from other wineries Colorado made from 100% grapes grown in Colorado.


7 evrabar – Chef something & # 39; and co-owner, Michelle Vahalter, has created his own version of hot spots called "euro-bar" in cities such as Madrid, Paris and Rome. In seven years, Michelle turns traditional flavors at different Art Nouveau plates that reflect the popular tastes of Spain, France and Italy.

Boulder theater dinner – dinner, dessert and a show! Theater "Boulder Dinner" has more than 20 years of history brought by the best of Broadway to Colorado, and most performances are extremely family.

dark horse – Reference Boulder since 1975, this unique emporyum for food and beverages and is decorated with antiques kinarekvizit turn of the century. Dark Horse really "strangling" the mind. The menu includes award gourmet burgers, jumbo wings, chicken and vegetarian dishes, as well as beloved children. Dine indoors or on the patio with a breathtaking view of the mountains. The bar has mikrarezy mood and quality of the front range, as well as 25 TV sets, satellite dish, pool tables, hockey, football and video games. Karaoke on Thursday night.

Update on adjusting Medicare anthem additions in Colorado

Colorado approved the transition Blue Anthem Blue Shield Blue Anthem, that in 2010 Medicare Supplement plans were the same as in 2009. Accordingly, in Colorado to Medicare Supplement Plans anthem will not be changed. However, Blue Cross Blue Anthem reminds customers that there is no guarantee rates for new businesses.

More information about bid adjustments

Tariff adjustments for Medicare plans & # 39 are common, and for several reasons considered providers of health insurance. One of the most common reasons for adjusting the rates due to the increase in the deductible amount and reinsurance from the Center of medical and health services.

CMS increased the deduction for Medicare deductibles from 1,068 to 1,100 dollars. Reinsurance amounts under Part A increased from 267 to 275 dollars a day for a hospital stay with the 61st day in the hospital until the 90th day in the hospital. reinsurance ratio increased from $ 534 to $ 550 per day for 60 days for life reserve. In addition, the provision of assistance to qualified care health services increased from $ 133.50 per day to $ 137.50 per day for 21 to 100.

There were also changes in the Medicare deductible, Part B; deducted amount will increase from 135 to 155 dollars a month, and the premium rate will increase from $ 96.40 to $ 110.50 per month. In 2010, there will be a corresponding increase in social insurance benefits to cover the costs of higher rates. In addition, depending on the income of filing status, CMS has established a higher rate of Medicare Part B premiums for participants and couples with higher income.

Again, the subscribers Blue Cross Blue Shield may have the same tariffs for the selection hymn to discard rate increase.

According to Blue Cross Blue Shield, instead of increasing the cost of insurance and deductibles for customers, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield plans will cover this increase as long as the plan is already covered by the amount of deductibles and reinsurance. As a result, the amount of money that Anthem pays health care providers in the form of benefits for the participants, who are involved.

Another reason that many tariffs on health insurance plans are due to increased prices for medical services. This price corresponds to an increase in the number of Medicare beneficiaries who are also enrolled in the Medicare supplementary insurance plans. According to Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, health insurance provider has received the cost and the use of additional Medicare insurance benefits, and has determined that it is not yet necessary to change the insurance fees for Colorado residents. Step to keep rates such as they were in 2009, will help participants save money Anthem Medicare supplementary insurance plan.

The additional Medicare insurance helps cover the gap in the protection of donuts, which applies to many individuals enrolled in traditional Medicare plans. With additional security members may have wider coverage even if traditional Medicare plans do not provide adequate coating medical services or products. Medicare beneficiary must work with an experienced Medicare advisor to learn more about what Medicare supplementary insurance plans are right for them.

Frequently asked questions about the use of marijuana in Colorado

First and most important: the basic rules of legalized drug use with marijuana:

• Kalaradai may at one time have to buy anything to 1 ounce of marijuana.
• Smoking, evaporation and use of cannabis in public places (ie, Red Rocks, Koorsa Field, 16th Street mall, parking, airports) is strictly forbidden.
• driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal.

Thus, all kalaradtsy are now able to use marijuana for pleasure?

That's right – to an extent. All legal residents of Colorado 21 years and older may have, use, display, buy or carry 1 ounce (about 60 joints) or less of marijuana for recreational use. However, several cities and counties have adopted their own amendments, to make things such as facilities for growing marijuana, or retail stores selling illegal (here looking at you, Colorado Springs, Westminster and the centenary!). Similarly, your employer has the right to establish their own policies regarding the use of marijuana among employees, even in private homeownership.

Because marijuana is legal in Colorado, petty crime drug no longer, does not it?

It is a common misconception. The federal government still considers marijuana illegal, which means that any evidence that you attended or acquired drug can affect your credit federal student, certain positions to work and social benefits, such as the brand for food or public housing . In addition, crimes related to drugs, there will always be displayed on your checks.

I & # 39; m 21; Will I be able to share your weeds with his 18 year old brother?

No way. You can not supply marijuana to people under 21 years, even if it's free, and does not provide cash compensation. Also the law on zero tolerance means that the person who has not attained the age of 21, collided with an automatic loss of identity if they were found driving under the influence of marijuana.

Can I resell the weed that I bought legally?

No. However, you can give someone more than 21 years prior to 1 ounce of marijuana – the main thing that did not happen with money exchange.

When my college roommate is visiting me from Alabama, all these laws apply to him?

Only if it has a government license Colorado. Non-residents can buy up to an ounce of marijuana per transaction, while they may have one full ounce at a time. In fact, your friend can do four different purchase in one day, but that gray matter, where the consequences of a lack of them is still obvious.

There is a legal limit of how much weed I can have in my system and still drives?

The legal limit is 5 or less nanagram delta-9 tetragidrakanabinolu (THC, the active ingredient in marijuana) per milliliter of whole blood. This is not just an excellent measurement, because different strains of marijuana have different potency of THC; Also, people metabolize drugs is much more diverse than alcohol. For this reason, you will likely never see a chart that tells you how many stitches or brownies too much to get behind the wheel.

How to check the amount of marijuana in my body?

If they have reasonable grounds to law enforcement officers suspected of managing drug addicts will require removal of blood. As this article Westword, these blood tests are not yet finalized, and they can be quite inaccurate. In this case, the reporter's blood test showed that he was very stoned hours after the last time anything smoked. Other experts believe that people build tolerance to drugs, and they can still be sober at 5 nanagramah. I encourage you to really consider the possibility of refusing a blood test, if the situation arose. If you do pass the test, make sure that you have attached one of the blood samples, then to confirm the results independently.

You mean that I won, what to write in a cup?

urinalysis does not matter when it comes to marijuana because drug traces are from the & # 39 will appear in your system long after you are sober. Blood test – the only accurate indicator of the active set of THC at the moment.

How long do the authorities have to carry out a blood test?

Since alcohol must prove that human BAC (blood alcohol content) is 0.08 per cent or more within two hours of administration. They have not yet identified specific term for drug testing, but rest assured that it will be something "clever".

Or I lose my license if the refuse from a blood test?

Maybe. As is the case if you refuse a blood test, you may lose your license for a year. Unlike drunk driving, your entry will not be administrative penalties; This is important because consumption of marijuana is still prohibited at the federal level. However, remember that you can always politely refuse to do standardized field sobriety tests (walking in a straight line, to recite the alphabet backwards, etc.) without penalty.

Why do I refuse to take a standardized test field sobriety?

In short, there are special tests designed to assess drug Up & # 39; yanennya, and has not every police officer being trained. Law enforcement officials, in recognition of marijuana uneducated, certainly will not help your cause, because they do not have the resources to make a clear opinion about your sobriety.

Wait, there'll arrest me, if I have traces of marijuana?

No, just the presence of cannabis in your blood is not from the & # 39 is a sufficient reason to arrest you. In addition, marijuana in your system is not more than 5 nanagramav and more, so that you are automatically condemned for DUID; if you have a BAC was 0.08 percent or more, on the other hand, you would automatically infancy for driving while intoxicated.

Everyone says that marijuana is safer than alcohol; the danger in the management of stones behind the wheel?

Studies show that the consumption of marijuana affects the spatial perception, that is, drivers who padpivayuts drugs, there is a slower reaction time, and are more likely to twist or other vehicles up close. Think of the classic scene from the movie "Stouner" where the guys are absolutely fascinated by the size of their hands; You want them to be beaten I-25?

I & # 39; m users of medical marijuana; it makes me an easy target for checking DUID?

This should not & # 39; According to the bill, the Colorado, medical marijuana status in person (ie a real medical marijuana registry) can not be used as evidence of a violation or probable cause for a blood test.

Can I at least go with the products of marijuana?

As with alcohol, driving with an open container of marijuana is illegal; it will lead to disruption of traffic, with the & # 39 is on federal checks (as I explained earlier). The law applies to anything that contains marijuana, which is open or has a damaged seal or partially removed the contents. The best advice I can offer at this point is to avoid as far as possible. In fact, the hope in the store.

My machine does not boot.

Well, as with all rules, there are certain exceptions. If you are driving an SUV or minivan, you can save unsealed marijuana after the last row of vertical seats. Outdoor marijuana as permitted in a residential area of ​​houses or trailers.

Can I smoke / consume weeds in the car when I am not the driver?

No. People in the passenger area of ​​the vehicle can not be used and consumed marijuana, as well as it does not apply the law on open containers. While we are again in this, you also can not smoke marijuana in taxis and public transportation. However, you can smoke marijuana if you are in the back of the car, which is engaged in private rentals.

While I can legally buy pot in Colorado, I can take it to other states?

Absolutely not – even in Washington. First, keep in mind that the TSA with the & # 39 is a federal institution and that marijuana is banned in all airports, including DIA. You can not fly with the drug, and in fact you can not even leave the marijuana in the car at the airport; it will be illegal storage and you impose a large fine. Secondly, our neighboring states crack down on those who kill their borders weeds bought in Colorado. For example, Wyoming does not even recognize published in the Colorado medical marijuana and will accordingly be arrested for illegal possession.

Where can I learn more about the policy Marahuane in Colorado?

protection DUI case will do everything possible to timely update your own web site, but we recommend checking the information on kanabist, Colorado, Denver NORML and marijuana (which relates only to the city of Denver, obviously) to publicize the issue.

Health insurance for low-income in Colorado – How to get help in finding a health care plan for low-income

If you have been wondering how to get help with health insurance for low-income in Colorado, you have come to the right place. Perhaps the people who live in CO, can make use of programs designed to help people with low incomes, but need guidance as to obtain the necessary assistance. Please keep reading to learn more about how you can get the help they need to get health insurance in Colorado, even if you have a low income.

Child Health Plan Plus

Health Plan for children plus (CHP +) – is a medical insurance of children and pregnant women, which is funded by the state government. After children and expectant mothers older than 19 years enrolled in the program, they can access the following types of services:

doctor visits
Dental care
Emergency room visits


CHP + coverage is available in the following circumstances:

Colorado residents

It does not apply to any other kind of health insurance

He is not eligible for Medicaid

family income & # 39; and 200 percent or less than the federal poverty level

Depending on your income, you may charge an annual fee for admission to the CHP +. It does not require additional payments for preventive services, including reviews and prenatal care. Users may need to supplement when accessing dental care, emergency care and prescriptions. These fees can Var & # 39; iravatstsa within 2- $ 15, depending on the service provided.


Medicaid is assigned to each state separately, and not from Colorado & # 39 is no exception. In the field of CO, this program helps people with low income to get health insurance. If you are eligible for Medicaid, the plan will pay the hospital or the doctor directly for the services they provide. Medicare is available to people for subsequent segments of the population:

low income
pregnant women

Compare Colorado health insurance options for low-income

Ever wondered if help find revenue from footwear: health insurance in CO, go to the Internet to check out the land first program. One of them can help you or your family & # 39; and. Now you can learn more by comparing several companies and options. Why not start right away?

Colorado Springs and excellent hotels

Colorado Springs is located along the eastern part of the state. It is also 61 km from the southern part of the Colorado State Capitol, Denver.

At 1839 meters of Colorado Springs can be reached within a mile above sea level. Some cities are located at a greater distance. Moreover, the city is located near the foot of one of the most popular American mountain – Peak Peaks – on the eastern border of the Rocky Mountains.

Currently, Colorado Springs has many features, demonstrating the modern urban space in an open area with parks, business and trade, bicycle paths, theaters and other entertainment.

A significant part of the tourism Colorado attributed to the surrounding natural features Peak Peak. The city has many parks and trails near the Rocky Mountains, making the city known direction. Mountains, close to Colorado Springs, gained fame for its rock formations and other environmental features.

Colorado Springs also & # 39 is home to many of the military & # 39 objects, such as the Air Force Academy.

Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs – a good example of a unique and impressive natural park, which has many rock formations of sandstone, which are a little familiar. You can wander through some paved nature trails and do some fantastic photos. Visitor Center "Garden of the Gods" is located across the street, and it offers a gift shop, coffee shop, tours and exhibits.

The spa at the Broadmoor – one of the best resorts in the world. The spa was highly appreciated by travelers Conde Nast. On the other hand, the Broadmoor is constantly recognized as one of the leading spa resorts in Colorado Springs.

Broadmoors is located in Colorado Springs at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. In Broadmoors there are 3 golf courses, world-class spa, tennis club, 15 halls and restaurants, as well as 700 suites and guest rooms.

Here are some great hotels in Colorado:

Hotel Doubletree Colorado Springs-World Arena

The lobby is large, comfortable outer courtyard and impressive environment rocky mountains makes this hotel a unique setting for business and leisure. If you walk into a hotel, courteous staff will greet you.

Here you will be able to obtain two salon, indoor swimming pool, business center, fitness center, free desktop with the lobby with high speed Internet access and a restaurant atrium. The hotel is also just a short walk from the shopping area, 20-screen movie theater and a variety of restaurants.

Crowne Plaza Hotel in Colorado Springs

This hotel offers a brand new lobby, new rooms and the grand opening of its trading platform, bistro and bar "Thibodeux" s. The hotel is close and easily accessible to all area attractions, such as the Garden of God, World Arena, Old City Colorado, Colorado town center and the Olympic Training Center.

Clarion Hotel in Colorado Springs

This hotel is conveniently located in the city center and one mile from the Municipal Airport, Colorado Springs. It is also just minutes from attractions such as Colorado College Stadium, Sky Box, as well as the Garden of the Gods, environmental monitoring and the zoo Shane Springs.

Brekenryzh in Colorado – 3 ways to have fun in Colorado rocky cliffs!

There are many good reasons for Seven & # 39; and want to keep coming back to Brekenryzh, California, and many of them have nothing to do with skiing on the slopes. Here we consider the 3 activities that you, your husband and small, can go together in just one day.

1. A trip in a balloon:

That is one of the activities that you should try to experience when you find yourself again in any of the major resorts in Colorado. There's just kind of one of the most exciting in the world. You will see the splendor of the Rocky Mountains, this time with an eagle eye. Start your day early because this activity begins right before sunrise. If you went up to a height of about 9,000 feet, look around you, because this incredible experience will last about an hour. After that, you safely back to Earth.

2. Fly fishing:

After a hearty lunch, prepare for battle in their biggest catch, while tour guides take you to the best places for fishing in the Blue River, Colorado River and Williams Fork. You actually get more than what you zdelkuvalisya, after a trip to any of these rivers passes through scenic spots full of western history.

With the help of guides who are ready to guide you on various fishing techniques, you need not worry if you've never held a fishing rod and reel. All vehicles and equipment necessary for the trip, usually delivered asnashchalnikami, so all you have to do is demonstrate. Fly fishing in the rivers near Brekenryzh, CO can be carried out all year round, even in winter. February to April is great for trout fishing. From May to June – the time of year when you can expect to reel in a large trout. Just do not be afraid of the rivers that swell. July to September are also great months for fishing when Green Drakes, PMD & Caddis, Tricos and Baetis start abundantly vyluplyatstsa.

3. Dinner Sleigh:

It's time to move their fun day in the quiet ride on a sled. Now this is no ordinary horse. In fact, we bet that you have never seen such huge horses. This is because they belgiyskie horse; huge, majestic rock, with & # 39 is one of the strongest among the grave.

It also means that you can be assured of a smooth, less tricky driving. I fascinated by the ringing of horses & # 39; bells as your sleigh tightened under the stars until your trip is completed in a warm house, where waiting for a delicious dinner and the culmination of your unforgettable day in Brekenryzh, California.