Climbing Vermillion peak in Colorado

[ad_1] Located approximately 10 miles south of Teluryda in the range of San Juan, Colorado, the top Vermilon at an altitude of 13894 feet – the highest peak in the county of San Juan. One of the best views on him and his strong neighboring vertices looks east of Colorado, Way 145, the pass Lizard […]

Hiking in Colorado

[ad_1] Colorado covers most of the Southern Rocky Mountains, the north-eastern part of the Colorado Plateau and the edge of the Great Plains. This state, which is located in the western US, is famous for its diverse landscapes, which consist of mountains, plateaus, deserts, rivers, plains, Mesa, and more. No wonder tourism – a favorite […]

Top 3 places for hiking in Colorado

[ad_1] Hiking tours make up a large percentage of the holidays and vacations, and several good reasons. Trek – a job that provides exercise and allows the mind to move away from the hassles and stress of everyday life and focus on what is in front of them: nature. Whether it's a summer trek through […]

What to do in Boulder Colorado

[ad_1] Boulder is located in peradgor & # 39; pits where ravnistyya plains meet the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Located in the heart of the city in an hour of Denver, Denver International Airport, the ski resort of Eldor and National Park Rocky burnt. A few hours from many world-famous ski resorts of Colorado Boulder […]

Update on adjusting Medicare anthem additions in Colorado

[ad_1] Colorado approved the transition Blue Anthem Blue Shield Blue Anthem, that in 2010 Medicare Supplement plans were the same as in 2009. Accordingly, in Colorado to Medicare Supplement Plans anthem will not be changed. However, Blue Cross Blue Anthem reminds customers that there is no guarantee rates for new businesses. More information about bid […]

Colorado Springs and excellent hotels

[ad_1] Colorado Springs is located along the eastern part of the state. It is also 61 km from the southern part of the Colorado State Capitol, Denver. At 1839 meters of Colorado Springs can be reached within a mile above sea level. Some cities are located at a greater distance. Moreover, the city is located […]