Need help building a clean listing for AirBnb and vacation rentals?


Whether you're renting your home via Airbnb or planning a family gathering in your vacation property, a cleaning plan is important. Before packing or packing your bag, your home should be clean, organized, and ready to enjoy. The following should have a mandatory cleaning solution list.

A cleaning list for your Airbnb or vacation home

1. Bathroom

Bathroom, shower, sink and floor tiles have been cleaned, cleaned and cleaned between rent check or vacation. The inside and outside of the bathroom, under the border and around the tile should also be cleaned and cleaned. Don't forget the mirrors. Their glass will have to shine to make sure you or your guest & # 39; Use a plug-in fragrance instead of a candle. Cit citrus or flower is the best choice in the bathroom. Yes, and do not forget to recreate the toilet paper. Some under the sink work great.

2. The kitchen

Start the sink and clean with bleach. Next clean and polish taps and heads. Also, run it through the garbage can with baking soda and white vinegar. Now the refrigerator. Even if it is empty and wiped clean. Tip: Bake a baking soda box halfway up between staying in the fridge. W down and delete counters, and also windows and counters. You may need to take a toothbrush with baking soda or a grit wiper on the tiled floor. The oven also needs attention. Clean the cap with grease, as well as inside the stove and the stove top. If the stove has a self-cleaning function, do the same. Thorough cleaning of the floor, especially in the corners, should be done before the brushes with a tile cleaner. Adding a perfume to the plug will reduce the odor of cleaning.

3. Bedroom

Clean sheets and toilets are everything. Every part of the vacuum room, even under a bed. Dried sheets in the drawer also give a fresh, clean scent. Make sure the drawer is clean, replace it if torn or damaged. You can add a plug-in fragrance here. Pure linen is the best choice. Don't forget about the wardrobe. It should be dusted and removed. A partially opened box of baking soda or a few dryer sheets in the Visiting Room is also important for fresh, non-mandatory cupboards.

4. Living rooms / common areas

Good vacuum cleaners and / or trips between wet and dry rooms and dining rooms need cleaning and damp cleaning. It is also important to clean and clean all the wood surfaces with furniture cleaners. The TV screen or any glass cabinet door cleaner is important as well as lightweight fabric refreshment on all furniture pads. Make sure you check all light fixtures to make sure the light bulbs work, and don't forget to dust off inside as well as outside. Vacuum and clean all air and heater air conditioners.

After completing the cleaning list, you will want to turn around. Think of it as entering a new home or hotel room and see how it looks. Careful attention to all rooms will ensure a joyful visit to your holiday home with friends and family, as well as happy Airbnb customers who will pay for your area after their visit. You want the best grades every time.

The best rating and the best bet on a clean Airbnb or vacation rental service. They are not just for permanent homes and offices.



Hawaii Vacation Rental for the Perfect Vacation


Vacation in the tropical islands of Hawaii. Sun and beaches and fun time. Hawaii is giving you these and more as a perfect vacation destination. Next to paradise, and more, traveling to Hawaii is easy and difficult. What about getting there, you might ask. There are many Hawaii vacation rentals available that you can order online or offline right from your home.

Choosing the right Hawaii vacation rental whether it be a cabin, beach hotel, luxury resort, or condo, is sure to enhance your vacation enjoyment. If the budget is important, consider booking Hawaii rentals in advance, as many rentals will offer discounts for early reservations. Discounts are also available for specific times of year and for larger groups. Hawaii Vacation Rental offers a wide range of services and amenities that will suit a variety of vacations and are available at very low prices. For example, many honeymooners prefer the privacy of the huts and the romantic environment.

Maui Island is what we offer as the best base for your vacation. It is the second largest island in Hawaii and has fewer people than it thought. Maui offers more "privacy" and you will enjoy a pleasant vacation in less crowded conditions. Oceanfront Maui vacation rentals can be ordered, whether they are bungalows, cottages, condominiums or homes, your choice. Friendly and non-intriguing people make your stay here more enjoyable.

The best way to make your vacation memorable is to stay on a Maui vacation rental, with the adventures you will want to experience. From this base you are a short distance from kayaking, deep sea fishing, diving or climbing. There are 80 different beaches for strolling or sunbathing, or you can do a little golf. Maui, called Valley Valley Valley Isle ', offers climbers a devastated, volcanic crater, above which you can feel the magnificent panorama of the island.

Maui also has a number of international airports and two other passenger airports besides a number of helicopters. Being a part of the United States, English is the local language, dollar exchange and credit cards are used everywhere. Maui is remarkably different, but at the same time the atmosphere is warm and comfortable.

In addition to Maui, there are four "neighboring islands" that have significant populations, vacation rentals, and tourist attractions, and each has its own set of features that offer different activities and attractions. The island of Kauai has a 10 mile long canyon. Oahu is traveling, and the Big Island has an active volcano. There are ferry services for excursions and tours from the islands of Maui, Lanai and Molokas and boats to other islands.



Vacation rentals compared to hotels, which is better.


When planning a vacation, you can automatically think about taking your family (or just yourself) to the big hotel. So many plane + hotel + car rental packages out there, it's easy to get absorbed in that mindset. And in the long run you can often get the best vacation deals going that way. There are still other housing options that you can explore.

For example, vacation rentals offer many amenities that most hotels do not. Normally owned by regular people (renting a vacation home means helping mom and pop business instead of a large corporate hotel), vacation rentals tend to give you full kitchens and lots of bedrooms. They are available everywhere you may want to stay. You can find condominiums or homes in any part of the world (with separate homes you get the ultimate privacy of your vacation).

If you prefer to be surrounded by ham, in the middle of the action you can find rentals (maybe a condo on a Las Vegas strip or a ski resort may feel your favorite), but you can also find rentals that serve peace and rest. Many of these homes turn away from busy streets and highways where hotels dominate (instead of ventilation near the Vegas casinos, you might prefer a home within a few yards and a few blocks from the private pool).

And for families traveling with pets. A hotel or vacation rental is more likely to accommodate them. Well, I don't know about you, but I haven't seen many hotels that value even well-behaved dogs running in their lobby (albeit sparingly). On the other hand, vacation rentals are often the way for pet owners to go, as many adopt dogs and cats (with extra deposit). Make sure you check the wildlife policy in advance, however, as each owner sets his or her own rules.

The last thing I want to mention is the general atmosphere of vacation rentals versus hotels. With hotels (especially large networks) you get … almost the same no matter which part of the world you visit. This may be good for those who don't like change, but if you want to stay in a place that embraces the local culture, you are more likely to find it on vacation rentals. Many homeowners stay a few weeks to a few weeks in their years, so homes often feel like homes. They are more friendly and friendly than the rigor of many hotel rooms.

You may not think that I have a hotel rental promotion agenda (alas, I don't have one), I have to admit that there are some cuts to vacation rentals. First of all, finding the right place can involve more internet searches than just a web site that offers package tour deals. Second, as vacation rentals are usually private, it can hit or miss with service. Not all real estate owners have their own websites, and it may take some time for the owners to come back to you if they don't use a management company. Third, most vacation rentals do not have a household. Entering the area will be clean (in fact, you will often be charged for cleaning), but don't expect anyone to come in and change your sheets every day. Finally, rentals tend to be more expensive than hotels. You usually get more square footage (lots of bedrooms, a full kitchen, separate living room and dining rooms, etc.) for your money, but you pay for it. That's why rentals are popular with families and friends who can share costs.

As you can see, there are pros and cons to both hotels and vacation rentals. I am a big fan of rentals myself (for the other reasons listed here, I really like supporting mom and pop business instead of the naughty hotel chain), but each has its advantages depending on your preferences. Make sure you look around before deciding where you want to spend your vacation.



Vacation rentals and how to choose the perfect one to stay fun


Vacation rentals are well furnished, but the truth is that not everyone is equal. The apartments are designed to make your stay as comfortable as possible. When you are careful about renting your favorite vacation, you will enjoy your favorite vacation spot. With so many vacation features that you face every day, you can be sure that you will get something that works best for your expectations of the holiday.

But it also means taking the time to compare your options and check out the most important items that are worth the rent. Here are some of the key things you need to do to be able to choose a vacation rental that is bound to offer you the most exciting and perfect vacation.

Tip 1 – Read reviews. The good thing about rentals is that they are accessible through your online perception. This means that you may even be able to switch from the rental hints that you have had before your rental lease. Revisions are one of the most reliable indicators of whether the rent is what you want or not. Revisions will help you get out of the rental that can be confusing and into the small details that can make or break your vacation.

Tip 2 – Tightly listed photos and facilities carefully. You will definitely want to stay in an apartment that is visually appealing to you, but at the same time it should have all the amenities that are important to you. For example, if you prefer to stay indoors and enjoy some cooking, then you want to ensure that it has a fully equipped and functional kitchen that will make this possible for you at any time. Notice also the details in the photos. For example, one thing is that there is a queen size bed in the apartment just to find out that it has a low quality mattress that does little to make your sleep comfortable and comfortable. Look at the nice colors on the side of what exactly keeps you going.

Tip 3 – Don't forget to check your anger. Vacation rentals can be anything you have ever wanted, but your experience will surely be gone if you are located in a noisy neighborhood with loud music and all-night parties that make it difficult for you to sleep. Think about the location of your rentals and how it affects you, as well as check for any restrictions that may not be working for you. The more you know about the rental property, the more likely you are to make the right decision and regret the few days you spend.

Tip 4 – Think about size. The apartments are designed to suit the different needs of the holidaymaker. Choose a size that is neither too small nor too big for you. Keep in mind that size can also set rental rates, so get enough space that you can comfortably afford.



3 things you should always look for in a vacation rental


Staying away from home can bother some people because at home, your bed feels a certain way, you know all the TV channels, and everything feels comfortable. Vacation rentals are intended to make travelers feel different about their residence. You should be able to see it as a “home away from home”. What’s more, as you rent, and your property does everything possible to get your business going, you and your family can find that your future rentals can offer some great experiences.
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When planning your next trip, you need to have some ideas for what you want to provide for your apartment. Here are three things that should be at the top of your list:
all-inclusive vacation packages with airfare
1. Provides the basics: For your rental, you need to provide basic amenities for you and your family. Each family has its own way of defining the basics, so it is important for families to gather and find out what they feel they absolutely need and to see where these things come from. You need a full kitchen. Scenes of the mountains are needed. How many baths are needed? It’s a simple idea, but since it’s so basic, this little thing can fall through the cracks. As part of your research, compare rental properties and most importantly, make a few calls.
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2. Proximity to a Real Vacation – As much as a vacation is the reason for traveling, reaching for fun things can sometimes be less fun because you have rented tours far from the hub of activity. It may be too far to walk, which means you need to think about renting a car. Your time is very valuable, and you have worked hard to earn this time for your loved ones. Don’t spend it on the whole journey, wearing it all the way and wearing you out.
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3. Security – No one likes to think about what can be relaxing during a vacation, but it’s important to think about how your vacation rental property creates a safe environment. If the property deals with foreign visitors on a regular basis, it is good to know that visitors can often travel in cash. Your rent is a safe place for any valuables.
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When it comes to amenities like the pool, is there a bodyguard on duty? Does your rental have a first aid kit for common eyelids and bruises that may occur? Be sure to check out the online ratings and reviews of previous visitors and see what they say. Moreover, make a list of the most important security items and speak directly to property staff.
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It is always important to remember that when choosing your vacation rental you should do your homework. Choosing the right place to stay and call your home away is absolutely important to everyone & # 39; for happiness. Vacations are times of lifelong memory, and you don’t want the bad housing experience to serve as the thing that ruined it.
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Tips for Long Term Vacation Rentals


Renting vacation property for the long haul can be a great experience for you and your family to become a part of the new community at your destination. Even though you are on vacation and not a permanent resident, you can still find the vacation community, adventures and fun with the stability and convenience of staying in your own personal property.
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As a vacation rental owner there are pros and cons when it comes to renting a short or long term vacation rental, and it is up to you, as a landlord or property manager, to decide whether you want to rent long-term tenants. . Renting short-term clients in Aruba means you can have a lot of turnover and thus make money, but also after-hours clients are constantly cleaning and cleaning the house to be ready for a new group of people.
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If you can find vacations that you trust and who care about renting, having a consistent rental package in place for a few months can reduce stress, maintenance costs and still make you profit year-round.
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The advantages of long-term vacation rentals in Aruba are that the tourist season can have its ups and downs, but the island offers customers consistently throughout the year for excellent weather and affordable living. Not only is the tourism industry in Aruba very strong, but business is also buoyant, which means that business people from around the world are also looking for Aruba residences.
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Renting long-term customers – those tourists, businessmen or locals looking for another island experience – can be a great experience for both the landlord and the tenant.
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Doing your renting business like hiring short or long term customers is the biggest piece of advice anyone can give in a rental business. This is an investment for your time, money and patience, as renting a vacation home is like running a hotel.
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People can be demanding and generally ridiculous, and not having the expense of owning a vacation property requires keeping a detailed book and knowing your schedule inside and out. However, if vacation rentals are what you want to do, it can be a very lucrative business, especially if you own property in the Caribbean.
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Staying as a client on a long-term vacation rental can be a great experience. If you have been living somewhere for several months, it is important to have a good relationship with the landlord. You should not depend on them to clean up after you or provide you with a hotel with the same facilities, rather, this is your temporary home, and you should treat it as such.
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Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, having a long-term rental can be great.
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Canadian Snow Birds Gather on Santa Barbara Vacation Rental


When Canadian Ann Murray sang her hit song “Snowbirds”, she didn’t sing about Canadian geese. He sang thousands of Canadian Canadians called “snowbirds” who make annual pilgrimages to the warmer climates of winter Canada and the Pacific Northwest to the state of Southern California. There, during the winter months, there are snowstorms that lie beneath the southern southern California sun, in picturesque health diamond cities like Santa Barbara. Santa Claus is a prime resort between beautiful Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

The snowbirds that come here, what some call the American Riviera, have a secret. Santa Barbara Vacation rentals have it all. Those who have found Santa Barbara vacation rentals are hampering the homeless deserts of Arizona and even Palm Springs’ extreme oasis for this seaside beauty. Why do They Only Know What Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals Can Offer for Their Comfort and Convenience and Fun? Snowbirds gathering in the coastal town of Santa Barbara are not satisfied with a good winter book for winter, under a Saguaro cactus, or content design spores that require an SPF 70 and larger. That’s why they are extremely active and full of life. They want more, and that’s exactly what Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals has to offer.

Santa Barbara vacation rentals cover a wide area of ​​the urban Santa Barbara city. Off the coast there are private homes and storage units, just off the beach, next to tourist attractions and everything in between. For the snowmobiles who migrate here, camping is not an option. They are not interested in roughing the whole winter or sharing public facilities with neighbors. They do not belong to the RV because they do not want to spend most of the year in vain RV storage. They are used for comfort, and they long for the long winter they are away from home.

Retired lawyers from British Columbia David and Leslie Benskot camped with the children. But they are now empty nests, and when they leave in the winter, they are not interested in previous facilities. For the past seven years, they have been renting vacation rentals in Santa Barbara. “Besides,” says Leslie, “we both love to cook, and we’re spoiled enough to admit we want it to be a beautiful kitchen.” Our condo has a wonderful chef-style kitchen with a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean. at least once a week, we will cook a delicious meal during our vacation in Santa Barbara and meet with friends on the beach for a party. You just can’t do it in British Columbia in January. ”

Benscott vacation rentals in Santa Barbara are fully furnished with all the amenities you need. Frequently vacation rental owners will look for air conditioning or a home with accessories such as beach equipment, games, movies and a fully equipped kitchen. There are no taxes and tips in vacation rentals as they will be in the hotel, so in the long run Santa Barbara vacation rentals are cheaper for them than staying in a long-term hotel, especially when you do not have to eat. outside every meal. The goal of Benscotts is to reach all the sights of Santa Barbara, each season adding some new discoveries to their treasure chest. This year their grandchildren visited, and they were all taken to the Railway Museum and the Santa Barbara Zoo. It was a memory that they will all cherish throughout their lives. Fortunately, there was plenty of room for everyone to stay on their vacation rentals with its three-bedroom bedrooms and beach yards. The grandchildren could walk to the beach every morning with the Benscotts. They have bark collections to prove them.

With over a hundred wineries in Santa Barbara and the surrounding area, cultural events such as theater, beach art and craft fairs, even Santa Barbara’s own international film festival, there is something for everyone here. Snowbirds know that if you enjoy outdoor activities with candlelight, then Santa Barbara is the place for you.

Snowmobiles Ken and Marie Linter, a retired surgeon and his wife, come from Alberta, Canada each winter, described by the warm temperatures and the wonderful properties they found at their Santa Barbara vacation rental. They have now rented the same bar for four seasons. Ken and Marie love cyclists and kayakers and love the opportunities that Santa Barbara provides for them to stay comfortable during the winter months. “The only exercise I get in Alberta is snowing,” says Ken, who quit skiing a few years ago. “And to be honest, I’m done with it. Now Marie and I can ride bicycles all over the city on bicycles, which our Santa Barbara vacation rental offers us at no extra cost. We go home in better shape than we came. ”

Now two of them are all alone, and they love the one-bedroom dormitory they found from Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals. Not only do they have housekeeping services, but there is also a concierge service beside the vacation rental. When it comes time to decide which fabulous restaurant to choose, the concierge is there to help. “Last week,” says Maria, “the concierge drove us to a five-star restaurant that went into a small private beachfront. It was probably the most romantic dinner Kenny and I have ever had. Well worth the trip to Alberta.
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Regulatory policies will play a major role in Bitcoin’s performance in 2020

More than additional technological improvements, although regulatory policies will play a major role in Bitcoin’s performance in 2020. For Bitcoin speculators, the “White Whale” tale is approval from Bitcoin ETF (stock exchange fund) in the US making it easier for retail traders Every day to invest in cryptocurrency. Despite several proposals over the past year, American regulators have failed to give the green light to a fund yet. If this fund is approved in 2020, it is perhaps the largest potential bullish catalyst for Bitcoin, opening the door for retail banks and institutional capital to flow into Bitcoin.


Vacation rental in Los Angeles


When planning a trip to LA you first need to consider the number of people traveling to determine the type of accommodation you need to book. For group travel it is more interesting to rent a house. There are several ways to rent a villa and you can only share the costs. You can use the services of some sites that offer villas for rent in Los, where you can see all the details of the property as well as the prices. These beautiful villas can be found in different neighborhoods and even in Hollywood if you would like to live in a dream capital for a while. Villagers are equally suitable for any family or couple, according to travelers who have stayed in these types of settlements.

LA is the foremost film capital, where Hollywood is where everyone can become a star and a perfect symbol of the American dream in one night. Hollywood is a true neighborhood with the legendary footprints of all the major female stars in the Manny Theater of China. Walking down the Hollywood Boulevard can also enjoy the Road to Glory with over 2000 stars (each star dedicated to the artist). Otherwise, other luxury neighborhoods such as Beverly Hills and Malibu Bell & # 39; air, interesting to visit or rent an apartment for a LA vacation.

In addition to the world of cinema, you can visit many museums and monuments, and then enjoy the beautiful beaches of Santa Monica and Venice, which are among the most popular beaches. However, you have to be careful on Venice Beach, Downtown, South Downtown and Watson as they are quite dangerous at night.

Los Angeles is your favorite star city … a unique experience and must-have. Vacation vacations will undoubtedly make your vacation a journey of experience and discoveries. Los Angeles Vacation rental offers are varied, and you will definitely stay in this city for safe, exclusive and unforgettable vacations, enjoying the good life of a truly unique vacation. With vacation rentals you will find everything for your trip: beauty, generosity and the quality of life of your dreams. The urge to taste the spices and fragrances from the country will be fully satisfied with the remarkable quality of its excellent restaurants. A delicious break should not be missed at all.

Before going on a vacation in Los Angeles, you need to compare the market offers and the best prices to make your vacation a total success. You can choose your vacation rental from among the many good plans available on the Internet, and you will get the perfect accommodation and villas for your needs. By conducting relevant online research, you will always be sure to find a vacation rental in LA that fits your preferences and desires.

At the end a little advice. Los Angeles is a very big city and it is not necessary to think about walking. It is preferable to rent a car. So you get the most pleasure out of being in your angel city.



Benefits of vacation rentals


Hospitality has evolved from hotels and motels to hotels and luxury apartments. Although the categories of travelers who frequent hotel rooms are varied, it is a fact that many travelers who choose hotel rooms cannot really enjoy the benefits of hospitality in their new vacation rental space. More often than not, travelers choose hotels because of the identity and location of hotels near important business districts or tourist sites. However, most of the benefits have changed to vacation rentals. Here are some of the benefits of choosing a vacation rental.

Flexible life expectancy options
The length of stay should in fact not be dictated to the traveler. Visiting places, either as business travelers or as tourists, can sometimes require flexible options as to where to stay. Hotels operate by a number of rules, which makes it easy for them to avoid meeting customer requirements. Vacation rental; On the other hand, offer individuals a choice of time period.

Define a price group within which to search for a home
Vacation rentals offer travelers to insist on options for seeking apartments. This makes it interesting for travelers who choose to stay within their budget. This option of budgeting to an Option traveler helps rental agencies source and list the locations in the price zone. Provided that the real estate owner is accepted, travelers will have to stay in the right places during their budgets.

Local architecture and comfortable amenities
Most of the homes in specific locations, which are registered as part of vacation rentals, are unaltered sports architecture and facades that blend in with the surrounding architecture. Departure, of course, should be fun considering the sights and sounds of the place, and actually being a part of the place, albeit for a short time. This is why the majority of tourists on the tour are sporting clothing and accessories that are native to the location. This spirit of tourism and it extends to accommodation, which is best characterized by local architecture on holiday rentals.

We offer daytime, overnight and hour long hours to maximize your savings. We also suggest applying for vacation rental properties to select the accommodation of your choice.



Phoenix, Arizona Vacation Rentals – Available


Phoenix, Arizona Vacation Rentals are a sunny way to enjoy the sunshine. By renting accommodation in Phoenix, a vacation can have a relaxing and easy vacation that is easy on a budget. Busy hotels and a major business center in Phoenix, Arizona, are expensive and pay daily. Each extra day can be expensive. Vacation rentals in Phoenix, Arizona, on the other hand, are charged according to size and convenience. The family can stay at home comfortable preparing their own meals and living at a leisurely pace. It gives the vacation the feeling of moving to another place and living a short life.

Phoenix, Arizona, is active all year long. Sports lovers will find many tournaments and events that will take place in baseball, basketball, golf or tennis. Other outdoor activities include hello king and bike riding in the desert and hot air ballooning. Phoenix has many well-known restaurants, museums, and shopping malls. The Salt River and the Verde River are water sports centers such as power sailing, water skiing and fishing. A yacht floating on the shores of Lake Canyon and jeep tours through the Sonora Desert are a favorite of all year-round vacationers. Visitors can get a great impression of the helicopter flying over the Phoenix. Native American nations around the country have casinos for the vacationer who plays the game for the game. There are many restaurants offering cuisine in Phoenix. The special sights of Phoenix are the February native Hope Dance Championship and the original October Coors Phoenix Rodeo Showdown.

Vacation rental homes in Phoenix, Arizona are of different sizes and locations. Villas and towns in the blacksmith communities are known for their sense of security and vacation within the local community. Most vacation rental homes are close to places of interest, and vacations can find sights nearby. Some vacation homes are in golf communities. Phoenix is ​​considered to be the golf capital of the world, and golf lovers can rent homes to enjoy an important tournament or unlimited golf course.

Condos are popular vacation rentals in Phoenix. Condos are located with all utilities and amenities. They are located near fascinating sites and golf courses. The Condos near the golf course also offers a prestigious golf course. For small families or vacations that prefer intimate escape books, there are rentals. They are examples of rustic luxury. All amenities are available in a rural setting.

All Phoenix vacation rentals have different rates for different seasons. High prices are high during high season and low season. Fees are charged daily, weekly or monthly. The minimum stay required is three days. Security deposits and cleaning fees must be paid in advance. Early cancellations will receive a full deposit refund. Compensations vary by time of cancellation. Most vacation rentals do not have a smoking permit. Some don't have pets. Violation of the rules will lead to immediate eviction and withdrawal of the deposit. Reservations must be made early due to the popularity of Phoenix as a tourist and golfing destination. Famous credit cards are the preferred form of payment.

Phoenix, Arizona is a popular vacation spot available for Phoenix Arizona vacation rentals. Vacation rental; Give the vacation more space and privacy. Holidays can prepare their own meals and save on restaurant costs. Families do not have to pay for extra bedrooms. Vacation rentals give vacationers the choice of location and ease of use for their chosen vacation activity. Vacations do not have to indicate the type of rooms or the noise of the repair, as in a hotel. Holidays can confuse the feeling of home and vacation by renting a vacation home in Phoenix.