The Beginner To Advanced Experience of Rafting in Colorado


Colorado provides many outdoor activities to the public. In the warmer seasons, river rafting in Colorado is one of the most sought after activities, and there are multiple white water rafting trips to choose from. Some of the most popular Colorado river rafting excursions run through the Arkansas River and include, “Bighorn Sheep Canyon”, “The Royal Gorge”, and “The Numbers”.

Bighorn Sheep Canyon Rafting

The Bighorn Sheep Canyon rafting trip is rated as a beginner to intermediate white water rafting trip. This is a more family oriented expedition in which both adults and kids can enjoy. The Bighorn Sheep Canyon got its name from the numerous sightings of big horn sheep that are found throughout the canyon. This trip involves white water rapids that intermittently disrupt the calm flow of the water, and allow people to capture both beauty and excitement.

Royal Gorge Rafting

One of the nation’s most popular white water rafting trips travels through The Royal Gorge. This adventure is an intermediate to advanced trip that attracts people from all over. Royal Gorge rafting entails large rapids that can be too difficult for the inexperienced, which is why it is such a thrill for many. On top of these exciting rapids, this trip allows a person to float under the largest suspension bridge in the world, showing off its beauty from over 1,000 feet above your head. The Royal Gorge rafting adventure is one of a kind, and provides an adrenaline- thrilled ride for the person looking for excitement.

The Numbers Rafting

Rafting in Colorado can also entail trips that are rated strictly for the ultimate thrill seeker. The Numbers rafting trip is included in this category and can satisfy anyone looking for the ultimate white water rafting adventure. This trip entails non- stop white water rapids, narrow passageways, and steep drops, giving river rafting in Colorado a whole new meaning. The Numbers is a must for anyone seeking a more advanced trek through the Arkansas River.

Colorado is home to some of the most popular white water river rafting trips in the nation, allowing the adventurer to experience both scenic splendor and excitement. Numerous trips can be done, either in a few hours, or overnight. Finding a superior guide can greatly enhance these experiences, and should therefore be sought out. Many professional rafting companies provide qualified and professional guides when river rafting in Colorado. Having an experienced guide will help you and your group to assess the best river run for your overall experience level and goals and will help to create the best possible experience for your group. It is always recommended to never take on a river rafting trip that is too advanced for your abilities, always choose one appropriate for yourself as well as your group. When looking to take on a more challenging rafting adventure, be sure to have a river guide with you to help prepare you for the more advanced levels as you progress.