Pueblo, Colorado slice of life; Good people, great place


Pueblo, Colorado, a slice of life and economic relations – we interviewed people in Puebla, Colorado and asked them what they think about their city. People of all ages and income levels. We learned a lot about the area and the real truth about why consumer confidence and consumer confidence surveys often are mistaken. Opposing political parties often use them if it is of value, and then deny, if they serve them. Such is the scientific game of political use of junk science. Will form the image and figures lie, it's just the way that you know? During our visit in a few places around Colorado to a recent business trip to the company that I run, and, in particular, the information that we received in Pueblo, Colorado, we found a lot of things that have changed since the time of the survey and the visits of recent years . At that time there was much talk about the drought, and it prevailed in the public exhibition of Colorado.

We met Jenny, who earns $ 5.50 per hour in Mervinsa, and her friend, Bill worked at Target at $ 6.75. Dan takes a year out of school in order to afford to live and share an apartment with a friend, a woman who with & # 39 is a single mother. Her boyfriend is on welfare and probably will not be released in the near future, and possibly another child to marry. It weighs more, and can not do any work. Another young woman, with whom we met, has been studying criminal justice, but acknowledged that not enough criminals for all students who have completed training in the field of criminal justice, and so she studied psychology, but, unfortunately, it was far more, to tell me what the hell with me. Nice kids who want to participate and achieve their American dream.

Amy, another young girl, has achieved a diploma and worked for Barnes and the way in a cafe in Pueblo, waiting to start your next job, it hired a rural school district of the city, as a librarian. God bless the librarians in this country, and even better to think about this Pueblo – the ancient capital city of Carnegie. Carnegie gave the libraries of the world, and it is not losing faith, follows the greatest traditions of the area. Local McDonalds franchisee pays a slightly higher salary after 6 months at $ 7:00 AM and has six stores and treats another in the northern end of the city, which is growing. West Puebla is also growing, and jobs are good. River Walk, which seems to be growing concept for tourism dollars and destination in the rehabilitation center, is alive and well here in Puebla, along with the rest of downtown revitalization. I am also impressed throughout the Midwest with the idea of ​​walking along the river, which began in San Antonio and has done extremely well whenever it was taken. A walk along the river in Pueblo, you can rent a boat and patusavats rental, show many car shows and some really great restaurants and good employment in retail sales.

There is a small problem with the merchants, and, fortunately, the college PCC-Pueblo Community College has a variety of wonderful programs for training, and it's not too expensive. In addition, the University of Colorado CSU University area has a large medical department, but many children who go there do not want to treat in medicine for fear of lawsuits. They have a nursing program, but even nursing students know that they & # 39 are the goals, and even said that the legal profession would not exist if not for the medical profession.

One lady with whom we spoke, listening to all the talk, walked up to me later and said: I heard your talk, and I want you to know that Pueblo – a beautiful city, and we are working hard to make it even more. She said she has participated in many group and worked closely with the Chamber of Commerce, the city leaders and said that they did a lot of work on the creation of local art. They tend to Pueblo and even with some of the younger crowd talking about a trip to Denver or the Springs to spend their weekends or evenings off. She said she did not let anyone say that Pueblo – a city of the second level of this beautiful city. Well there you have a piece of life. We talked with people in the retail trade, postponed from the production engineers in the research facility the DOT, restaurant owners, city volunteers, young people and coming, and we know that Pueblo Co never gives up and never gives up. They seek and are making progress and we are sure that will come out of this recession with a supply of propellant.

I think you will like in Pueblo: people down to earth and very real. This is a very pleasant place to stay while traveling.