How To Choose Colorado Mountain Land


Colorado is famous for it's beauty, especially it's mountains. For many years we have all been camping in the mountains, fighting for the best or last camping spot left on holidays or weekends. That gets real old, when Grandpa squeezes in right before you do! The best thing to do is to purchase your own lot, or acre if you can, and have your own reservation on your own lot any time you want to head up to camp, whether it's in a tent or camper or RV.

Start looking on Craigs list, where many owners of property list their available lots. This may be your best hope of finding something right away, and affordably, with ease of access to the owners. There is usually not a realtor involved, saving you money as well. Don't forget to look daily, as the listings change often and you may miss out on just the right property.

Another hint is to do a search online, with mountain-Colorado-cabins-camping as key words. You will undoubtedly pull up some results that will give you a head start in your search. If you know a Colorado real estate broker, be sure to tell them of your search and parameters like pricing and location. Any time you have a friend in the business you should give them the opportunity to help you in any way they can. They work on commission so every Buyer is GOLD, including you. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness and reward you with good service.

I know of a community where you can still afford a place to camp indefinitely, build later or never, and enjoy cool summer days of 70 degrees. This community is located between Aspen and Telluride and is Colorado's best kept secret. Arrowhead Subdivision is the name of this heavenly destination, where you can fish in trout stocked lakes, 4 wheel in nearby BLM, hunt in Areas 66-67, or hang around on your flat, heavily treed private lot. Cook hot dogs or marshmallows on your open fire, take a walk around Hazel Lake, or do absolutely nothing.