6 Colorado profiles by regions – part 1 of 6


Over the next few weeks I will draw on the Colorado region. The state is divided into six. These regions – this is the Denver area, Riverlands, North East, North West, South Central, South East and South West. This week we look at the Denver area.

Denver was founded in November 1858 in the midst of the gold rush, and his government later joined the Union in 1876. Compared to this, it is a young city in the United States. This energy works throughout life.

Of the 300 days of sunshine a year and pavlyubnym climate, weather & # 39; e provides many opportunities for active recreation. Denver boasts more than 200 parks and numerous recreation departments. In one of the famous parks include Red Rocks Park. The park is known for its very large boulders of sandstone, the color of his namesake. In the center of the park is the Red Rocks Amphitheater, which hosts many concerts and events.

In Denver, there are five professional sports teams, which include "Bronkas" (the NFL), "Avalanche" (NHL), Rocky cliffs (the MLB), "Rapids" (the MLS) and "Nuggets" (NBA). Denver – one of three cities that has a lot of professional teams. In addition, the locations of these teams & # 39 are world class.

Along with outdoor activities and sports competitions Denver also has cultural glory. Denver neighborhoods of noisy activity. Excellent dining, art galleries and shops traveler deliver rich entertainment. Denver Art Museum, Opera House and the Center for the Performing Arts – is only a small picture of a culture that can offer the city of Denver. The performing arts center has a schedule full of Broadway shows, n & # 39; ec, musical acts and comedies.

Diversity of the city is very attractive for those who live here and those who visit. Denver – the most densely populated area in the state, and there are a lot of reasons. I hope that you will soon be planning your visit to Denver!