Urai Colorado – Hot Springs Champrenault La


If there Champrenault la, that's all. On the ground, few places that compare with Uraem. It vtsetranaya gem that remains unknown to many tourists and residents.

Natural hot springs, hidden deep in the remote San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado, eyelids beckon people. Ute Indians spent their summer camps around the tumultuous spring sources on the banks of the river Unfrafra.

They believed that in this particular valley of hot springs was a "big medicine". It does. Hot spring will wash away your worries and rejuvenate your spirits. Soaking in the mineral waters and watching as the clouds drift over the alpine peaks – a relaxing way to take in Colorado rocky cliffs.

Hooray Colorado holds a special place. Novelist, Ayn Rand, has considered that it is so special that she used Ouray as a setup for your utopichnaga city Galchev Gulch in the novel "Atlas" shrugged.

This small Victorian village scattered many natural hot springs that are browsing from the nearby mountains. One is even in the cave. Many of the houses in the city offers accommodation with their own private hot springs. Many have several hot tubs, others have pools, some have both. This paradise juice.

Hooray blessed beauty. It is called the "Switzerland of the Rockies." On all sides of the village high mountains rise 2,000 feet above the valley floor. Snow-capped peaks that ring the village abrysovvayutstsa the blue sky. Words can not describe it, and the camera also in adequate conditions. It's just spectacular.

As with all alpine villages, there are many outdoor activities. You can do the usual things, such as: hiking, jeeps, exploring ghost towns, rafting wild rivers, as well as photographs of alpine meadows full of wildflowers and waterfalls. But Ouray has something new and different. In it the world's first rock climbing park.

This tiny town in the winter no longer winters. Every year thousands of icebreakers come in Urai to climb the artificial ice known as "ice-hero" created "Ouray Ice Farmers". It is quite a festival.

But the main attraction of the city remains hot Ouray hot springs pool. The pool was completely redesigned, updated and expanded. Now 250 feet by 150 feet warm department for soaking and colder compartment wheels. Var Temperature & # 39; iruetstsa from 70 to 104 F. Soaking in the pool – this is the best way that I know for a recovery in the mountains of a busy day.

If you're a romantic, you can go in this Victorian town in the old west arena, or perhaps you prefer the white Konjic. Local Liver stable has both.

Pool attends visitors from all over, but you will feel a stranger in the city for a few minutes. The locals are very friendly and laid-back. It seems there is a slower pace, is very relaxing. They say that the "unusual" smile will be so unique western way.

And Ouray Hot Springs Pool – a popular year round for recreation for the citizens of Western Colorado. But it is still utseshany stone that remains unknown to many tourists and residents.

In fact, the Ori can not be a Shangri-la, but it looks and feels like it, and he owns the mystical charm.

Author Tod Vandewalker