Or & # 39 Colorado ski resorts are overpriced?

To begin with, it is not an article about whether there is quality in the Colorado mountain resorts. Because in Colorado really is a very good ski resorts. The question that I am learning, is whether the ski resorts in Colorado to get more press or hype than they deserve. I will also look at this question, based on the fact that at these resorts offer skiing as opposed to how good hotels and restaurants.

In Colorado, more ski days, than any other state of the country. Why are so many Colorado skiers? Let's look at some of the factors.

the population

Colorado has a much larger population than other big ski states like Wyoming, Montana and Vermont. But if the population was the reason for the large crowds ski Colorado than California, no doubt, will have the title of most ski days for one state.


Most Colorado ski areas are between 300 "-350" of snow for the season. This is a respectable number, but certainly not enough to make it a powder paradise in which you might believe marketing materials. 300 "in the year – this is the best ski resorts in the East Coast and is the reason that people do not have a fat ski on the East Coast If you look at some of the other best ski routes, you will begin to see where the true Utah, which can bear it when.. they claim that the "Big snow on Earth" – this is the Altai, which annually receives over 500 "of snow. West Coast would also & # 39; e Colorado for the annual snowfall. In Washington, DC, as a rule, is not considered a major ski state, claiming the biggest snowfall in a single season when Mount Baker received the 1000 "Snow in the 98-99 season.


Beginners area, groomer and terrain parks can be found wherever there is enough snow. So let's turn to the estimates of rocks and steeps that produce truly elite ski resorts. In Colorado there are several resorts, known premiership & # 39; er-terrain, for example, Curly Booth and Aspen, but the most popular resorts in Summit County did not have the same caliber terrain. And if you compare Resorts Summit County ski resorts, such as the Valley Skva, Jackson Hole and Snow bird that always belong to the best resorts of the area, there is nothing to compare.

Clearly, this sub & # 39 objective analysis. So what do you think? Colorado overrated or do you think that all the people who go skiing can not be wrong?